Friday, September 27, 2013

Log Parser Studio

If you have ever used Log Parse (go try it if you haven’t) then you know it is a really powerful for obtaining valuable information from IIS, Exchange and other logs. Essentially you use SQL-like queries to query one or more logs and return data and even charts. These sql scripts can be  run from the command line or saved as files. The only thing missing is a GUI to front-end Log Parser and a library of scripts. Enter “Log Parser Studio”!

Log Parser Studio gives you the following features:

  • Store all queries in one location with informative descriptions
  • Edit and create new queries and then save them for later
  • Search for queries
  • Import and export from the library
  • Execute queries
  • Create and run batches of queries (which will run multi-threaded)
  • Scheduling of queries to run unattended (automation)
  • Supports various keyboard short-cuts.

Supported Input Types

Full support for W3SVC/IIS, CSV, HTTP Error and basic support for all built-in Log Parser 2.2 input formats. In addition, some custom written LPS formats such as Microsoft Exchange specific formats that are not available with the default Log Parser 2.2 install.


Query Library


Edit and results screen


Go get LPS now! (needs Log Parser also.)

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