Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Which Tablet..??

Am thinking i need to buy a tablet device for content consumption / entertainment, but am unsure which to buy?

Should I
- Buy an I-Pad, out in a few days time 2?
- Wait for the next gen Android tablets, out soon?
- Go a win 7 tablet, out soon?

The Ipad looks and performs brilliantly, however i hate the idea of transcoding all my media content and the fact that it doesnt have a USB drive. I also, hate shopping at the apple stores. The service is uniformly terrible, i have to interrupt a salesperson to help me (when they arent even serving) and i've even found some sales people to just not know what the hell they are talking about. That said, the device itself looks great. Is bad service and few limitations reason enough to forego an I-Pad?

The android devices (and there are lots of them), arent locked in to itunes, come with a usb and play media in almost any format. That said, which one is the right one and where do i go to see one in adelaide? i dont know.

The win 7 tablets will be the most familiar, however how well do they actually run? i know the least about these devices and am concerned that, whilst i like win7, it wont be as good as the other devices.

So.. which do i get?

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